Did anyone hear Chris Bequette

on Press Row today. He had some very interesting comments on who we might should look at and who not. Unless Clay, Dudley, or Irwin is on Bo’s show I’m beginning to like Press Row much better than Bo’s show. Bo allows to many people to go on forever!

What did Chris say?


Grant Hall brings up Tim Horton everyday. He is the only person I’ve heard talk about him but Grant seems to think Horton is a serious candidate for coach or AD.

Clay brought him up.

Yeah, I wrote about him Monday. I would hire him in one of the leadership positions, coach or AD. There are plenty of people who would like that and he’d be fine in either job.

Chris and Tim are long time friends. If memory serves me they were GA’s together the one year Chris coached. App. State I think.

I would love to have Coach Horton back in Fayetteville.

Great man, great coach.

We have stayed in contact since he went to Auburn.

Horton did start his coaching career at App. St. I’m guessing, ballpark, he is about the same age as Gus.

Was it Horton’s choice or BB’s choice that Tim leave UA?

I remember Tim as a player. He was on the team somewhere around 88-90. I think that’d make him about 49 or 50. I think Gus is in his mid-50’s as I recall.

I would like Tim to come back in any job we would offer. BB left him hanging in the wind until Malzahn hired him then made a half hearted offer for him to stay. TE is the token coaching job for Arkansas alums under the Jeff Long administration. Former Razorback players have to be the least paid assistants also.

Hire Tim Horton as AD and give him responsibility for hiring FB coach.

Tim then hires himself as coach and wears both hats.

Both problems solved.

To borrow a phrase from my dear friend:


It was Jeff Long’s decision to can Tim Horton. Not surprising, he’s an Arkansas man that loves his state.

I wished at the time after the BP incident that Tim would have gotten serious consideration for the interim spot instead of Coach Smile. I believe some others wanted that as well, but alas Long did not see fit to do it. Would have been nice to see what he could have done.

Please give your mother her phone back.

Gus’s age easy to find, he’s 52. Tim’s not so much. :wink:

Chris is 2 years younger than me if I recall, that would make him about 52. Tim was probably a little bit younger than Chris. I think Tim and Chris were GA’s in the 1989 - 1990 school year. That would make Tim about 50.

Tim Horton needs to be back where he belongs here in AR. Like Clay said in leadership role. Could he handle the AD position, why not. At least we would have someone with the knowledge & feel for the game in football regarding players, coaches & the entire program. I’m sure he would make sure the whole Athletic Dept was well run.
Would he want that responsibility though ?