Did anyone else notice

SIAP, but the last TD CSU made was remarkably similar to the one Portland St got on us. The back up QB got flushed from the pocket, moved to his left, and chucked the ball to the near sideline. Both times our defenders tried to make a big play and totally whiffed. Just thought that was interesting.

You noticed that too.

I said the same thing at the time. Both TD’s were somewhat flukey.

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I thought Chad Morris was really upbeat in his postgame press conference, but the final question posed to him was about that play and, to me, he seemed to kind of come down a little bit in answering it. He said there was a little bad luck involved, like in Week 1. He badly wanted Myles Mason to make that play.

Once, ok call it flukey, but twice I dunno :sunglasses:

DB is responsible for staying on his feet in that situation, he is all that is between the
receiver and goal line, and a 7 point lead evaporates.

Yes, if he had the presence of mind to take him out of bounds while he was airborne, it woul have been good, but I understand trying to go for the ball.

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Go up and deflect it out of bounds. That’s all you have to do. It may be harder than it looks, but it’s a simple play.