Did anyone else notice who D1 Baseball paired us with?

When they updated their field of 64 projections yesterday, they put us as the #3 national seed, which of course would be a regional/super host. The regional paired with ours in the super? Corvallis. Yes, we’d get Molester State in Baum-Walker.

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://d1baseball.com/postseason/colle … -64-may-8/”>https://d1baseball.com/postseason/college-baseball-projected-field-of-64-may-8/</LINK_TEXT>

The Beavs are on a serious skid though. Four straight losses, go to Eugene for the Civil War series this weekend, then to Stanford next weekend. If they don’t get their act together they’re going to be a 2 seed somewhere. Certainly losing their #1 pitcher Kevin Abel didn’t help; I know we’d be in deep stuff if Campbell got hurt.

That’s not the only interesting super pairing D1B came up with. They paired the regionals in Starkville and Oxford. Leghumpers and Rebnecks in the super.

Yep bring em on…got unfinished business with them.