did anyone else get the impression that BB

bailed on his team and showed signs of not believing in them at the end of the first half? Just flat out commit to running out the clock if that was his leaning. On the sideline he looks like he loses confidence in his guys often. Deserved? Yes, but that is what he personally could improve to the benefit of the team. Can someone give me an inspirational and memorable Bret on the sideline moment that could rival the Petrino rant to the officials about not taking the game lfrom his players ike he did vs LSU?

I don’t hardly ever recall CBB trying to score at the end of the first half in a two-minute drill. His default is to run out the clock. It’s been a pet peeve of mine since he got here.

Hate, Hate, HATED IT! Throw it as far as you can, try a screen, run another jet sweep, try anything. We had the ball on the 40, 50 seconds and all 3 timeouts. It’s not like we have a dominating defense.

I was thinking…

  1. Our offense had stalled a bit in the 2nd quarter.

  2. Our defense was back on their heels.

  3. ATM had just put 10 (should have been 14) points on the board, AND

  4. Now we’re gonna try to score some quick points to end the half, BUT

  5. We’re gonna go 3-and-out.

  6. ATM is gonna score a quick 7, AND

  7. we’re going to the half down 21-24 instead of up 21-17.

Not gonna bash CBB for trying to get to the half up 4 and make some adjustments … on both sides of ball.

My $0.02.

No, I don’t think he bailed on his team.

I don’t think he wanted to take a chance of Allen getting sacked or picked or fumble and chose to take the lead into the half.

I do think that is a better strategy when you are getting the ball first in the third quarter instead of kicking.

Arkansas has run and scored with its two minute offense in the last two years. It just gets overshadowed by the futility.

While both the Arkansas offense and defense contributed to the loss yesterday, I think the defense bears a larger portion of the blame.

You score 43 points in four quarters you should win that game.

Even if we go 3 and out, with the way Johnson is punting (well), they are going to have to go 80 yards in 30 seconds with a couple timeouts at best. It’s not a lock, but I like our chances.

It’s not an egregious mistake, but I don’t like it or the message it sends.

and had our defense NOT given up those chunk plays, I’d have been 100% for going 2:00 drill.

BTW, I admire your confidence in our punt coverage team. (Just don’t place it in our kick coverage team.) :roll:

I think the caveat here is that we had field position.

I addressed this in a post late last night.


Dudley is right.

You are a running team…and we did run it pretty well yesterday…and you score 43? You should win.

The story of the game is the defense and the special teams giving up monster chunk plays.

This strategy is purely playing not to lose rather than to use every opportunity to win. It’s similar to the HDN strategy. I now expect a similar result for CBB. Wish I didn’t have to say that.

I’m with LosAngeleshog. I wanted to go for a score because of the field position, but they had just smoked our defense on two big plays. I thought our defense was tired and didn’t need to be thrown out on the field again. I don’t think he completely gave up on the series until it reached third down. That’s when he allowed the clock to run. An incomplete pass would have given the Aggies plenty of time to try to reel off another big play and put points on the board. By playing it way he did, the Hogs had the lead at halftime and were getting the ball first to start the third quarter.