Did anybody notice the crowd at the TAMU game yesterday?

Apparently, they don’t know what social distancing is in Aggie land.

Yes and Mullen was pissed after the game saying he wants a full house at swamp next week.

Yes I wondered about that as well. It would seem that conference would have established one set of attendance guidelines to ensure a level playing field. Sorry, I was asleep and dreaming, so disregard the previous statement. Nothing to see here.

I guess they ain’t scared anymore, they’ve assumed the risk, looked at the scientific results and determined to move on with their lives.
It’s called freedom!

I noticed it. I am sure they had assigned seats all over the place, but they all moved together after the game started. The Corp was all together.

Dfarris, I’m all for it, but they should comply with SEC rules just like everybody else.

I noticed it right away. They were very loud. I thought they were about half full. But the announcers said 25,000. Seemed like more to me.

Scientific results of what?

I noticed.

The same ones followed at the ACB event hosted at the White House. LOL. Aggies are ridiculous.

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This thread is drifting into politics.

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