Did anybody hear the Lockhart, Pettette, Hobbs story?

The TV announcer told the story of Lael Lockhart’s transfer from UH to Arkansas.

Lockhart’s family is friends of former Yankee great Andy Pettette.

When Lockhart was contemplating transferring from UH, Pettette advised him “If you ever get a chance to play for Matt Hobbs, you better do so.”

When told of Pettitte’s words, Hobbs reply was “ Andy Pettette knows who I am?”

Funny story and what an endorsement!

Lockhart told that story on the postgame show after the Murray State game a few weeks ago. He said he grew up playing baseball with Jared Pettitte, who is Andy’s son. They played together at Houston and Jared has since transferred to Dallas Baptist.

Lockhart said he told Andy Pettitte that Arkansas was interested. “He said, ‘Man, I can’t preach highly enough about Hobbs and what he does for guys. If I was you, Arkansas’ the move,’” Lockhart said of Andy Pettitte. “I was like, I’ll take his word, it’s good as gold.”

I had heard it before, not sure if it was from Phil on the radio or Brett Dolan on TV. Might have been Brett with his Houston area connections (worked for the Astros for several years).

I had heard the story, but I had forgotten where. Thanks Matt for reminding me.

I heard that for the first time this weekend during the broadcast. All I could think of were a couple of posts on here within the past couple of weeks or so complaining about our pitching coach. (Not saying they don’t know more about pitching than Pettitte, but I’d still go with Pettitte’s assessment. Call me crazy.)

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