Did Anybody Hear Bo Mattingly's

… interview with Chad Morris on Tuesday? According to Saturday Down South, Morris said of the quarterback situation: “You look at Connor Noland and John Stephen Jones coming in. These two guys are just winners. That’s all they’ve been. You add them in with Ty and Cole, and we’ve got a great QB battle. Everything is going to count.”

So, what does that mean for Daulton Hyatt, if anything? Is he out of the mix or was CCM just throwing names out? I didn’t hear, so wonder about the context…


So SDS didn’t report everything. He did mention Daulton as well. Their headline (and story that followed) declared: “Chad Morris is excited for Arkansas’s 4-way QB battle this summer.”

You get what you pay for on SDS.

Yes, this isn’t the first time they’ve taken a subject and written half the truth. Glad I don’t pay for it. But that’s why I asked. CCM has been playing the QB situation close to the vest so I wondered why he would throw Daulton out of the mix.

He talks about our lack of team speed every time he’s interviewed. Has to grate at him given he is fond of saying you either have speed or are chasing it!

I think he is using the team speed mantra for recruiting as much out of concern for the current team. He is keeping expectations realistically low while continuing the sales campaign for future recruiting classes.

We need more speed to be sure, but we have some already, especially at the offensive skill positions. CB speed is probably better now for the first four or five guys as a group than in a long time, though we don’t have enough depth with speed.

We do need more fast LBs, DE and safeties in order for Chavis to fully rejuvenate the defense. I think that we are a lot closer to being there at DE than OLB /safety, especially when it comes to depth.

You can coach up a 4.6/4.7 receiver to be really productive in this offense, if you also have some 4.4 guys out there. But you can’t coach a hybrid OLB/S up enough to avoid trouble if the guy is too slow, you just have to hope you can scheme around/hide that weakness often enough to get by.

I also think some of the holdovers are going to look a little faster this fall because of the change in direction of the S &C program., and as they get more comfortable with the new schemes.

When it comes to speed and QB’s, coach has not been happy yet with the time it takes to consistently get a snap off. The spring game is a good example. When asked about how well they thought they did with the time to get off a snap, the two QB front runners both said they thought they did well. When Coach was asked the same question he said we should have been much faster and we will improve on what they did that day.

So, QB speed includes how fast they can run with the ball, but just as importantly it includes how fast they can consistently execute plays. I think the latter will play a more important role in how the QB’s rank each week than what we have expected in the past. That may eventually be the main driving force in who is running the offense the most later in the season vs. the beginning of the season. That’s especially true if the top QB’s are somewhat comparable in the other skills.

Let’s hope that after summer workouts the time to consistently execute plays either meets or betters where coach needs it to be. That would be one less concern for coach and a great indicator for the rest of us that this team has truly bought into this new system.

Love those Hogs! WPS! :slight_smile:

Here was an interesting tidbit.

“Our defense was ahead of our offense coming out of spring ball.”

Think about that for a second.

The defense that was one of the worst in the nation and historically worst defense in Arkansas history, is ahead of the offense.

I’m just going to prepare myself for a long year and hope we can recruit ourselves out this mess.

Typically I think you would want the D to be ahead of the O at this point in time. IMO.

I’m cautiously optimistic about our defense this year if we stay relatively healthy. Our starting LBs should be better than we’ve had in awhile, as should the secondary. We know Sosa is a beast, does Gerald or someone come in and give him some help? All in all, I would expect the D to be much, much better than last year. Does that mean they will actually be good? Not sure, but I do expect marked improvement.

They also said in April that we’d only put in a small portion of the offense. The main teaching will be in August. So where we are now on offense and where we’ll be in the fall are two different things

Good point.

However, I do think he has very little faith in the qb situation, I get the feeling he is hoping Noland will come in and take over.

Summer workouts are going to be vital for installation and repetition of new schemes. I think the QB concerns are valid yet there are some caveats- the QB’s that get all the attention are being given too much credit and blame. I think Hyatt and Aune have the potential to make a move during summer workouts and summer camp

I just think he’s using ANY excuse he can to keep the heat off his back if this season is really bad. Every time I hear him on TV, or radio, he just wants to talk about what we don’t have. All I keep hearing from this guy how he’s gonna build this “brand” or “show the logo”… We had a pretty decent offense last season. He doesn’t even talk about that. He was on Finebaum the other day and he just skirted the issue. I heard the podcast with RJ Hawk and the guys, as well. He needs to start giving some of these established players some credit before we lose a bunch of them to transfers.

We have a pretty good “brand” built already. We aren’t SMU. This isn’t some end of the line university. People know who we are. He should be thanking his lucky stars he’s got this job. Nobody was looking for him, ESPECIALLY an SEC school. Our recruiting is in the toilet. I don’t care how many kids are coming to see us, or who we’ve offered. We are only getting marginal SEC 3 star players so far. We may make a players list, but that’s always been the case. The good ones rarely pick us. I haven’t seen any “wow factor” at all so far from this guy.

News flash! Little “e” hates Chad Morris and has nothing good to say about him…again. Stop the presses! Put out the Extra Edition! Certainly an interesting and unique comment well worth noting…not! Hope you and Mike Norvell have a good visit at the family reunion this summer as you both wonder why Chad got the Arkansas job and he didn’t. :lol: :lol: :lol: :roll:

Whatever Modo…didn’t want Norvell either.

You guys keep drinking that kool aid. You’ll be puking it up soon enough.

News flash! Little “e” hates Chad Morris and has nothing good to say about him…again. Stop the presses! Put out the Extra Edition! Certainly an interesting and unique comment well worth noting…not!

If you are going to be posting the same thing every time, I might as well do the same. :roll:

elmo, ole boy, tell us who your choice was for football coach since you don’t like morris and u made the comment about norvell .

Agree. Especially considering how things have been the last two years.

FWIW, I’m going with Cole Kelley based off of him having SEC experience. Never count out Ty though. The guys eats and sleeps football.