Did anybody else notice…

…how well the overall game was organized? There were no dead periods. Every second was fine tuned with good music, introductions of former players, recognition of other Hog sports teams and first responders, etc, etc. The announcer, Johnny George, was on his A game for this one. Something has changed, and whoever is in charge deserves kudos from the fans. A lot of work goes into that. Has something or someone changed that?


Hunter is going to speak at the Hawgs Illustrated Sports Club on Wednesday and I’ll visit with him on that.


My only complaint is the video board was often late in switching from graphics to live action. The switch often occurred after the ball was snapped.

Tell him I/we appreciate the learning curve in music/noise volume from game 1 to game 2. Noise level in game 2 was mighty fine.

Tell him 6 o’clock game was so much more enjoyable than the 2 o’clock game

Lemme think of some more “tell him”s….

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I never tell anyone anything from you, Fred. It just goes straight over the top. I learned that a long time ago. From passes to the tight end to quarterback play. I don’t expect you to read anything from me about fly fishing either. Just kidding.

Please tell him everything was first class except traffic leaving the stadium. We don’t have a clue how to get cars in and out of Fayetteville on game days. They need to make all lanes on MLK go in one direction for two hours before and after the game (down to Fayetteville high school). They need to block off the far right two lanes heading west so cars can turn onto MLK from all the side streets and parking lots. We were stuck in traffic for over an hour and only moved about 20 yards. It was easier to deal with because we won.


Ya I used to park in Lot 56 and it was a nightmare getting out of most times.

I agree that the production of the in-game environment was very effective. It kept the crowd engaged throughout the game, and recognized other Hog teams and personalities (basketball team, women’s track team, Bobby Portis, Kevin Kopps on the video board).

However, the trade off is a dramatic change in fan interaction with the UA spirit teams. Gone are the days of the cheerleaders leading the Hog call or other fan cheers (Arkansas-Razorbacks, Red-White, etc). Even the traditional interaction with the band at the end of halftime (the Go Hogs spell out) was omitted.

The current production is much more of a professional sporting event feel. Again, it was very effective and catered to the intended demographic: primarily the under 40 crowd.

I enjoyed it, and I’m not in the under 40 demographic…… but I imagine many “old timers” might possibly feel differently about the change.

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The only gripe I had is the same one I’ve had for about 20 years. They have to figure out a way for the fans to have cell phone/internet service in the stadium.

I know some will say you should be plugged in to the game, but in this day and age it’s crazy that you can’t check stats, scores, etc. on your phone in the stadium.

The pro leagues have figured it out. We should, too.

That said, the atmosphere was phenomenal. I took my son and his buddy. They’re 13. It was his buddy’s first ever college game. How cool is that?

Oh, and I let them storm the field. I think they’ll never forget this weekend. I won’t.

I’m going to preface this by saying that my hearing is not great. Too many ear infections through the year has changed my hearing. What I “heard” in the press box was just noise. I couldn’t tell you what songs were being played. It was loud and I couldn’t pick out what most of it was and so I wasn’t impressed. It seemed to be vibrating the stadium with noise. That’s bad hearing form a 67-year-old that loves the noises (almost none) on the river.

Agreed - thought it was fantastic as well. Keep folks engaged at all times!

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I could go on and on about this topic. Tried one way game one, did not work, so tired a “tried and true” way game 2. Turned off interstate onto MLK, it wasn’t bad (shockingly) getting turned onto MLK. It took awhile (not surprisingly) I got within about 30 cars of turning left on to Razorback road. It was 20 minutes, I timed it, 20 minutes before they let anyone turn left. They let 20 cars (my wife counted) and then stopped us. The people trying to turn left were IRATE.

I could go on and on. (I won’t and no one would read it if I did).

They need to visit Disney World and learn how to move people. (Even how they load the buses in Lot 56 is so inefficient. Any idiot can see you can safely load 3 buses at a time, move them out, bring three more in, etc. Instead, one bus, while the people in line are standing in front of two other buses. Then pull the next bus forward. Etc.


Heard the same compliant from many friends who attended the game. My response was the Hogs haven’t enjoyed a sellout in four years. Give them time and they will figure it out. Chick Fil A and Disney are masters at traffic control.
UA…Campus of Champions

They are to worried about the buses being 6 inches apart……one of the dumbest things I have ever seen….they literally keep asking the bus driver to pull forward until there is no space between the buses….lots of lost time doing that….load the bus and get the people out of there….steady movement with zero wasted time….count bodies and point to a bus…all traffic and all lanes including the turn lane on MLK and Weddington moves in the same direction before the game and after the game…….anyone walking back towards Baum or DWRRS crosses at the Fayetteville high school red light or you build a crosswalk over or under MLK at the Chick-fil-A …you can’t have people crossing for two hours by foot at the only major intersection on MLK by the Stadium … …all parking south of the Stadium goes South ….anything North goes North….no traffic around DWRRS except buses and other essential vehicles….put me in charge for 1 season and I would have everyone out within 90 minutes tops…people must have a great experience to keep packing the place….we want and need a packed stadium….parking and time spent getting in/out of Fayetteville are part of the overall experience……get it right and more people will come….how about parking based on ticket location….my seats are in the north end zone……my parking is south of the Stadium……let’s get smarter about everything……

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There are very few places to park north of the stadium except Lot 44, and they can’t possibly fit everyone who wants there into 44.

Are you using the in stadium WiFi? I had full service and was able to check scores, text, and even pull up some live video.

They’ve made a ton of improvement in that area.

Tried to but the login page wouldn’t open for me.

My only complaint is the concessions were unprepared. The venders had to wait numerous times to let credit card process. Would not take cash. Might b the same problem notorious mentioned. No cell service most of the game. When I finally got to front of line I just ordered 4 waters and 2 beers for 2 people. Venders we’re very frustrated and lots of complaints from fans on long waits. Otherwise the music was perfect even though I had never heard over half the songs the kids around us knew them all. Had a blast at game

Best game atmosphere, and I’m not sure the music volume was down, or the 74k helped absorb it better than 60k last weekend. My cell and WiFi service was great, no problems, and entry into the stadium was smooth and went quickly. This Saturday will be a letdown on crowd size and noise, but that can be expected.

Game atmosphere was electric… was great fun. Parking, gate experience, concessions, shuttle, leaving, wi-fi and cell service… awful.
But was such great fun I really didn’t care!!

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