Did Ab use 3 pairs of shoes in the KY game

I know he went from black to red to black, but not sure if it was the same black pair?? how many personal pair are usual per game to get ready?

Yes he did. He didn’t wear the red ones very long! That’s was the second pair he wore. He needs to keep doing that routine with shoes it worked well.

The red ones were actually Graham’s shoes that he let AB put on so he could get back in real quick.

I think the black pair he wore to finish the game were his but were in the locker room so it took a minute to get them back to the bench.

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AB looked good in Kobes, even if they were Graham’s.

The first pair he blew out were Kobe’s also. I’m a sneakerhead so I pay attention to shoes a lot. Those first pair he blew out, sale for 1100.00 right now on the resale market. Crazy to think you would play in them.

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Dang, I didn’t know that, and I’m a bit of a sneakerhead myself.
Wish I could get my hands on the pair he blew out.
My cousin and I used to have a pair that Corliss blew out, but someone made us an offer we couldn’t refuse for them. BTW, we dug them out of the trash.


Well… we are a Nike school. Maybe they’re sending us boxes of those kicks.

They are. Sadly, we wore Converse back then, but one room of The Bud looked like a Foot Locker.
Unfortunately, I am a size 8. :laughing:

They are not sending those Kobe’s that AB blew out. The players are buying those from stockx.com

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Either that or the NIL cash flow facilitates it for AB.

The apparel and shoe game the Hogs have in basketball is strong. Always a great look. I’m sure recruits love it. Muss definitely gets it.

Football might do well to emulate a little better.



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Is that the GiGi tribute shoe?

Was it Zion Williamson that had the major shoe blowout a couple of years back?

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Googled it and it sure seems like it. I’ve lost touch on shoe models. Those are pretty cool. Snakeskin. Mambocita.

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Yes. Mambacita. Very limited run.

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