Dickie V preseason rankings

Hogs 14th.

We’re better than that IMO,This team has a lot of fire power! and plenty of length to play the type defense Muss likes…I easily see us a top 10 team,so we will see.

Best thing about that is that it will be settled on the court. Polls mean zip in CBB. We’ll be at Alabama and Kentucky here both are going to be a war.

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I think he has ranked us fairly. Borderline top 10 team. Probably sweet 16. With upside if Jaylin Williams develops at the same rate he did last year, realistically could be as good as Bobby Portis sophomore season, and If a guard or two exceed expectations like maybe notae or devo become sec poy caliber. I think that is what it will take for us to bust into final four territory. Crazy to think we are setting those expectations without hesitation this year. It is really really hard to make it to final four. We have not done it often, even in our heyday. It will take the whole team coming together and developing chemistry. The sold out bud doesn’t hurt either

Rather interesting that Vitale didn’t even mention JW as a returnee.

Vitale is a has been! He should retire and stay home! That’s been my opinion ever since he called Moses Kingsley a mouse!

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I guarantee that Vitale didn’t write any of that. I wish him a full recovery, but he should have retired years ago. There’s a reason why Coach Richardson didn’t want to take his calls when I worked the phones in the basketball office.

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Army, is there anyone you actually like? Just curious.

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