Dick Vitale suspects tampering in portal recruiting

Coaches not following the rules? That Dickie V guy is quite the investigative journalist. Sarcasm icon here…


From diaper dandies to transferring toddlers.

They grow up so quickly these days.

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Nooo waaayyy! Players or coaches or staffs, families or outside influence would never!!! Selling or buying portal spots could never happen. Ever.

Free for all is the only chance everyone has to level playing field against the blue bloods. Stop whining people - recruit. Amazing we aren’t talking about buying players…

I guess that bundle of cash that dropped out of an envelope a few years ago was not intended to buy anything.

IMO there was never a need for any “portal’s” But when you open the floodgates, expect results.

That is priceless from Dickie V.

I think the portal changes the buying player dynamic. More product equals lower demand equals lower prices.

Coaches will go through HS coaches and friends of kids and tell them to pass along their interest. Happens all the time.

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Well duh, so shocking. :innocent:
Next will be coaches organizing player agreed trades thru the portal. Again shocking. :sunglasses:


I hope I am dead wrong. But I see players actually selling themslves with some of those announcements. New Market.

No doubt Vitale knows this but I wouldn’t doubt it’s at an all time high. That’s probably what he’s saying.

That’s it Richard.

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