Diamond Hogs better than morphine

For killing Razorback pain. Keep it up guys.

i know it brother! that was an incredible game! regional type feel…2 great baseball teams!

Excellent comparison. I came home from work feeling like crap. Turned on the baseball game & my positive hog feeling started flowing back. Grant Koch was great…and he wasn’t alone. It was nice to get to UK’s ace. (I was worried about this series. We might still drop two, but we sure looked last night.)

Amen to that. I was feeling so frustrated and depressed after watching Butler manhandle our basketball team, and then having to sit through a dinner outing with my K-State neighbor and listen to him brag about his team. Afterward, I came home and watched the baseball game and instantly cheered up. Thank goodness the baseball team has some nice talent, is playing well and showing sound fundamentals…hope they keep it up. And I hope I didn’t just jinx them by saying that! Go hogs!