Diamond Hogs' all-time team? Here's one opinion

I randomly came across this while looking for something else. It’s from 3 years ago (ironically, just about the time Covid was hitting the US), but it’s current enough that I thought some here might be interested in reading and discussing/debating.


Different Moore at 2B…
Blaine Knight at SP
I can think of at least two catchers I’d take over Ronn Reynolds – McCann and Opitz.

He definitely missed SS.

Battles, Biggers, Carver, Hode, Richardson.

Johnny Ray at 2nd.

Don’t forget Pagnozzi.

I was on campus for JRay, and Reynolds both, and I’d still take later guys.

Pags is another good possibility.

that article is from 2020 as well, so Moore and Battles wouldn’t be on there

Here’s the group I’d love to take into a season.

Catcher: James McCann
1B: Kjerstad
2B: Bob Moore
3B: Cayden Wallace
SS: Battles
OF: Fletcher
OF: Benintendi
OF: Casey Martin (yes - as an outfielder)
DH: Chad Spanberger
SP: Blaine Knight
SP: Isaiah Campbell
SP: Cliff Lee
Relief: Matt Cronin
Relief: Kevin Kopps
Relief: Colby Suggs
Relief: Zach Jackson
Relief: Barrett Astin

Is Cliff Lee on the list for his professional accomplishments of his accomplishments as a Razorback?

Good list, but I’d take Nick Schmidt over Lee as a Hog. Or Dallas Keuchel (our other Cy Young winner) over Lee as well.

Wallace was a very good 3B, but I’d still go with Jeff King though.

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Yeah, I thought about Keuchel (and a few others) as well.

Point is, there are always going to be debates. That’s what is fun about these topics.

But…that’s MY team… You guys choose yours and I like my chances in a series.

Lee was a juco transfer and was here only one year.

He showed lots of potential, but wasn’t a star player at UA.

DeBriyn said he thought he had an SEC ace in Lee, but it didn’t turn out that way in 2000.

Lee wasn’t bad, but just not as good as expected. He went 4-3 with a 4.46 ERA in 16 games, including 9 starts. In 64 1/3 innings, he allowed 45 hits and had 77 strikeouts, but 52 walks.

“He couldn’t locate. He was behind hitters all the time,” DeBriyn said. “He just had a mediocre year. I blame myself for not being able to develop him like he should have been developed.”

Lee said he doesn’t blame DeBriyn — or anyone — for his season at Arkansas.

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You guys seem fixated on my choice to include Lee.

But I don’t see anyone else’s team. So I guess my team wins by default???

I’m gonna pick a team just based on defense:

1B Dominic Ficcocello
2B Robert Moore
SS Jalen Battles
3B Bobby Wernes
OF Christian Franklin
OF Dom Fletcher
OF I’ve totally blanked on the name, but he played for the Rangers for many years, who was that???
C Casey Opitz

Craig Gentry?

Craig Gentry

Today is my birthday and right on cue I lost another couple million neurons

Happy birthday and sayonara to the neurons!

DVH is obvious, not Norm who lost the CWS by starting Manuel Warrior… awful decision. I’d take Larry Wallace and Scott Tabor from that 79 team as well. Scott to this day wants the ball that Norm handed to Warrior and would have gutted and gulled us to the trophy had he been given the chance. Hard choices at 1st, 2nd and OF. I love me some James McCann but Reynolds gets my nod at C. 3rd has to be Jeff King.

Separate category but very influential with deference to current setting, but the Hard Hatters led by Dan Hampton were and intimidating fan force for those late 70’s baseball team.

Happy belated birthday. You share it with my son, who turned 5 yesterday.