DI Baseball's Poll released Tuesday

Ole Miss first, Hogs second. Here you go:

I don’t have a problem with that. Our bats didn’t do as much this weekend as the Rebnecks’ bats and their pitching was just about as good. #2 after one week ain’t bad.

SEC with 4 teams in top 5,
5 teams in top 10,
9 teams in top 25.

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Jimbeau - So … you’re saying the SEC is overrated?! LOL

I think what he’s saying is that there are 5 teams in the SEC that don’t belong.

Yea - SEC baseball sux. :roll_eyes::joy::wink:

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Just because I’m sure some will ask, Arkansas is going to be referred to as No. 8 in our stories for the next couple of weeks. We use the USA Today Coaches Poll as our poll of record, and that poll does not update until after the third week of the season.

Let’s use the Big 12 coaches poll and see what they think

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