Devwah Whaley

You don’t get a top 5 back and barely play the kid. CBB needs to get this kid ready to go. He said the kid is a special talent, but you won’t give him clock. Makes absolutely no sense.

I’ll wager he has a reason. We will find out in due course

He needs to get ready to go by learning to do the things he has to do other than carry the ball. Like pass protection, for instance. Right now we can’t throw when he’s in the game because he’s an open door to the QB. Which means they know we’re going to run. When he learns how to pick up a blitz, he’ll get more PT.


I suspect DW hasn’t played much more because of the inexperience on the o- line than his running ability. We need the RB’s to play a huge role in Pass-pro until the o-line works out its kinks. When DW gets that part of his game down, he’ll be in more. When he does break in, he’ll be getting KW’s touches. Those who blame the coaches for him not being on the field are wrong. It’s all about DW figuring it out.

He’s gonna play and play a lot. Whaley’s family understands it is a process.

We had 2 high-pressure games that could have swung on 1 fumble or missed block in pass protection. Stuff like that can damage a a kid’s confidence for a long time like it did BA.

It’s really simple. They’re looking out for the team and the kid.

Post like this and the ones TJ Hammonds’ dad is tweeting don’t help anyone at all.

I posted this earlier, but Devwah, on one of his few snaps, missed his pass pro block on someone coming right through the middle. I have been one calling for Devwah too. But he has to be able to function when he’s not the ball carrier, or they are predictable. Not an uncommon problem for freshman backs, btw. DMac didn’t get many carries over his first 3 games for similar reasons.

I do hope we get the Texas St. game under control quickly so we can get him several snaps. Like 20-30. Once he proves in a game he can pass block I’ll wager he gets plenty of carries. I am impatient too though I’ll admit. He’s clearly got a gear and ability to cut at full speed Rawleigh and Kody lack.

Just remember that getting on the field is a process. CBB has stated numerous times that putting a player in before they are ready can ruin the player and hurt the team.

Parents want their kid seen on TV as it relates to exposure and $$$$$$ signs in the future.

Bingo and I am worried about TJ’s Dad. I hope we don’t have a problem there. I wish we could redshirt TJ so he can have more chances to be the man later.

Can y’all reveal what the tweet said for us old timers

We’ve just had two close games where ever play was crucial to the outcome. I expect Whaley will get many more carries this week.

This should be a game in which more backs get a look.

How many practices have you seen?

Devwah will get his chance. CBB’s teams have always had multiple backs contributing. It’s early, and we’ve been in two pressure-cooker games. The way RW III has been playing, it’s hard to argue with him carrying the rock!

Once again, can someone tell us what TJ’s dad has been tweeting?

Here are two tweets from TJ’s dad:

Oooh, I missed this one: :o

TJ’s dad tweeted after the first game and said something to the effect of “one of the best on the team and no playing time wow”. But in the last 24 hours he has tweeted multiple times saying to not tell his son he is going to play if he isn’t going to and bringing up the idea of “moving around” (transfer???) bc his son can “play anywhere.”


Wow…poppa Hammonds - you really think this explosion online is helpful to TJ or the team? As a high school basketball coach, I’ve seen some crazy things from parents, but at this level and so early in this young man’s career, dad is showing some terrible judgment.