Devwah Whaley

I’m hearing he’s up to 218 and looking great. Told he’s lost most of his baby fat and he’s looking cut.

He was listed at 210 by the UA when he signed.

I hope he’s ready. We’re going to need him. :smiley: :smiley:

He will be. Devwah is a very fierce competitor.

What’s the proper way to pronounce his name, like it looks: Dev-Wah??


How likely do you think it is that Devwah Whaley will share substantial game time with Rawleigh Williams and Kody Walker at the start of this coming season?. Do you foresee any possible surprises in the September RB pecking order at this juncture? I’m just curious. Thanks.

I’ll be very surprised if he doesn’t get his share of the carries. Too much talent and speed. I could be wrong, but I don’t expect any surprises.

I think he will have a solid season !

Im curious how Hammonds will factor in. He may have something to say about the pecking order.

Pass protection will be key to Whaley’s pt.

Sorry, for whatever reason I forgot T.J. Not because of lack of talent.

So true. That’s something that so many people overlook.

Pass protection use to be a bigger hurdle IMHO

Now most of these guys come in with a much better concept of pass protection because of the pass happy offenses run in high school. 30 years ago a guy like DW would not see meaningful playing time at Arkansas until late Oct These days it is mid to late September for the elite type freshman back.

As I recall, Hammonds reportedly has 4.2 speed and is blessed with good hands and high potential receiving skills. I also seem to recall that he is (at present) perhaps twenty to thirty pound lighter than most of the other RBs. Is it possible that he might be utilized in a somewhat differing role than that of an every down back - - perhaps primarily as a check down outlet back or in-the-flats receiver out of the backfield or on special teams (perhaps kickoff and punt returns)?

He’s a 4.4 guy with great hips and the ability to make people miss. I see him eventually ending up at slot, but we’ll see.

A bigger, faster and probably better receiver than Joe Adams.

For the sake of good roster succession, we would be much better off if Raleigh, Kody and Duwop are able to earn the most carries. We have to find a way to use Duwop. I don’t want Devwah being pressed into playing too early, so that he can mature slowly and be solid in the last part of the season.

It’s nice to have more than a couple of backs who are thoroughly capable of hauling the freight. I’m hoping and praying that the injury bug doesn’t bite us severely during the run up to September 3rd and beyond.

Was just going to post this. While RB is among the positions it’s easiest to play most quickly at in terms of physical demands, what most fans don’t know (or forget) is that they key to substantial playing time is how quickly these newcomers learn the playbook. In particular, the blocking schemes.

Most fans think only of the OL when they talk about pass protection. But backs can and do play a key role in chipping on dominant pass rushers and/or picking up blitzers. A QB can get nearly killed by a hit when a RB went the wrong way or simply missed a check to a blocking scheme and instead went out on his route, leaving the QB unprotected. Yet, if he made 3 runs for 22 yards, the fans are clamoring for him to get back in the game, because they don’t know it was his fault the QB was sacked.

All of that said, Whaley strikes me as the kind of young player who will adapt to the position quickly in all ways.

Pass protection is always a big key for young backs. But Alex Collins got a lot of carries as a freshman and so will Whaley. I would not be surprised if Whaley was a 1,000-yard back as a true freshman. He’s a special player. He has a burst that perhaps has been lacking since Knile Davis. And, he’s got size and wiggle.

The best athlete in the world is an SEC tailback. He’s one of those!