Devwah Whaley...

He must have gotten a very severe concussion to miss two straight games. I hope all is well with the young man. I know in this day in age, they take concussions very seriously and are very attentive to the signs and symptoms. For him to still be out and not going to play this weeekend, it is a little scary. Hope to see him back on the field very soon.

It might have something to do with the competition this week. Why take the risks? Let him fully heal for next week. Boyd is doing fine. Now, where in the heck is Maleek?

As I said in another post. For the last 3 to 4 years Auburn has put one of our players out for the year, and for R Willians out of football, and they were all dirty plays…

Bikehog, my exact thoughts as well. He was all the talk during fall camp, and now season is here and nothing. Maybe the coaches know something we don’t and is why they are paid the big bucks. But if healthy I see nothing wrong with giving the kid a chance while Whaley was out the last week and this week. I get it would be a tough task coming in against Bama but play the kid if he can help us any.

What I saw from Williams in the spring and August was a young back learning the system. He had issues in pass protection and catching the ball. Lots of drops. Got to treasure that ball and protect the QB.

When he came in against Auburn he whiffed on some blocks. It’s the same issue with Hammonds.

Maleek’s pass pro is brutal. He would get some QB killed…watch the Auburn game

What was dirty about the hit on Whaley?