Devwah and TJ

Really happy to see Raleigh rolling but we are gonna need Devwah and TJ. Will we start seeing them more this week?

Hammonds has not been on the participation list in either game. I’m starting to wonder if they’re thinking redshirt for him. If he doesn’t play Saturday, I’d say the answer to that is yes. Whaley should get more time vs TSU assuming its fairly lopsided.

Jeff I hope it is a blow out real quickly, get the 1st out there to: (1) prevent injury in a “cupcake” game, (2) get the second team and third team players a lot of playing time in a real game in front a home crowd. This is good deal, so when they are needed for 1st team duty in a real game on the line, they been out there before. Fuzz

I agree that’s ideal. Get the backups some game time, including Ty Storey.