Devonte Davis is.... Mr. March

I know the sports world had/has a Mr. October for baseball. I think it should have a Mr. March for College Basketball and that person is DEVO DAVIS.

I don’t know what they feed that kid when they go to the tournament but he comes up big EVERY time. WOW.


Is it possible this year he could also be Mr April?

The word that comes to mind is Baller.


He’s like that old Facts of Life theme song. You take the good you take the bad. Yes, sometimes his emotions get the better of him, and he gets a costly technical. But that same fire that burns within him, wills his way to victory in big games on the biggest stage. I sure hope he comes back for an encore season. He could wind up on that Boston Mountains Rushmore, with Sidney and Corliss.

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Devo with among the greatest second half performances in history of NCAA tournament. Before we knew what Jordan would be as a pro I don’t remember a better performance from Jordan in college. Devo was amazing and reason we are celebrating - together with great team performance