Devonte Davis and Jimmy Whitt

Anyone else see some similarities there?

I know DD can shoot it from 3 better than Jimmy (which is not a high bar) but it is not his strength.

I hate to compare a 22-year-old to a 17-year-old. And, I don’t know ages, just a guess.

They both have excellent length that makes them better on offense and defense.

Davonte is a better ballhandler. Jimmy - because of his age - had a better feel for shot selection.

I won’t attempt to compare any of these incoming freshmen to Whitt! Let’s try to watch and enjoy them as individuals and see what they can do. It obvious we will see more size and options on next years hogs roster.

I know that the current philosophy is 3’s and lay ups. I get the numbers. But, I sure love to see the middle game executed well. It is such a killer psychologically.

Jimmy was so good at it, and on the women’s side Alexis became a much better player when she expanded her game to include the middle game. Year before last, Chelsea was deadly too.

It seems to require a lot of touch and confidence, so maybe that’s why Cheney seems so reluctant to even try a shot.

I bet Jimmy had to develop the midrange game to be able to score. Kind of a necessity.

DD is more like Ky Madden than Whit.

Madden developed a decent shot while in college. Hopefully, DD will too. Right now, DD shoots set shots from the perimeter, but shooting isn’t his priority. He loves to distribute and lead the break.

Both Madden and DD have great vision, length. Both are great passers and ball handlers. They both seem to relish their roles at running the offense. Both can create havoc defensively.

Overall, DD is ahead of where Madden was as a high school player. He is more athletic-quicker and jumps better.

Southpaw, I agree with that compare

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