Devontai pounds?

RB/CB out of wynne supposively runs a 4.25 from what the coaches say. He is lighting it up every game so far this year. Does anyone know of him or know if he has a chance to get any offers. At 6 foot 180 and that fast you would think so. Faster than anyone we have on our team

I find it hard to believe that an athlete who reportedly runs a 4.25 has zero offers, lol. So, either he doesn’t run anywhere as fast as advertised, or he is nowhere near qualified to play.

My buddy, who attends every game and is close with the coaches was told that time. Take it or leave it but that’s what he was told. May not have grades but I don’t know. He has us at 9-0 this year so he’s pretty good I’d say

And since you obviously don’t know the kid, the question was for people who do. Sometimes I don’t post because there is always someone has something smart to say.

I don’t think he met to be snarky. It’s just the time you posted is pretty unbelievable. The fastest 40 yard time in history for the NFL combine is 4.24. That was run by Chris Johnson 7 or 8 years ago. 4.25 would be close to world class sprinter time.

I said supposively. Not 100% confirmed. But from the head coaches mouth said he recorded that time. Could be a bunch of coach talk. That’s why I asked the question to see if anyone knew him and could clarify.

As I said, if he was running that fast, ASU would be interested at the minimum. If he is a true 4.25, Bama would be interested.

Olympic sprinters run between a 3.8 and 3.9.

I suspect when you weigh all the factors Usain Bolt would be very fast but nowhere near 4 flat in the 40 given equal conditions. The football guys are doing this in cleats on turf, not track shoes on a track with starting blocks. Anything under 4.3 electronic is smoking in combine conditions.

An Olympic sprinter is the one that told me that so I’ll disagree

We live in America. Opinions vary.

If there was a kid that ran a “true” 4.25, people would be all over him beginning with track coaches.

He is a 5-10, 163-pound WR/RB/DB who appears to have had a very good season

Ace Wright had the fastest 40 time of any football player I’ve heard of. It was 4.14. He was the early 90’s Cowboys 3rd receiver. I agree about Usain Bolt, he starts slow, it’s the second 40 he makes up the difference, but the USA has a world class sprinter out of the blocks (is it Gatlin?). He could get close to 4.0 if not beat it

I was about to chime in about how I doubted it…but the more I think about it, the more likely it becomes. I think he may have been slightly exaggerating, but I think it’s picking nits.

Would like to see an Olympic sprinter run a football 40. They would probably shut me up.

This was interesting…

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Well went to the game last night and he is no 4.25. He is fast and a dang good player but the wynne roster has him at 6 foot 180. I’ve never seen a roster lie about height and weight of players lol. So my bad guys, but from coaches mouth himself said he clocked him at 4.25.

Coach Nutt once clocked D-Mac in 4.28, but he didn’t start the stopwatch when he started.

Laser time is the accurate time and is what Arkansas uses now

Nope. On the track, with starting blocks and spikes, but also with a reaction time to the gun built in, Bolt got to 36.6 meters (same as 40 yards) in about 4.20 when he set the 100m world record. There is an indication that another Jamaican, Michael Green, has run very slightly faster for the first 40, maybe a 4.19, but by 50 yards Bolt leaves Green and everyone else in the dust. So the question is, take away the spikes and the blocks, put Bolt on grass, but also take away the reaction time to the run, which was 0.165 seconds when he won the gold medal in Beijing in 2008, and how fast would he go? Even with blocks, spikes and a track, he wasn’t sub-4.0. And of course, running on grass is a different animal than a Mondo track (which is what UA has at McDonnell Field and at Tyson as well). I think if he trained a bit for the 40, which is also different than the 100, Bolt could probably run about a 4.1, maybe 4.05ish, on laser time.

I’d be willing to bet the Olympic sprinter who told you that (a) has a healthy dose of ego, as elite sprinters generally do; it’s a mind game as much as a race, and (b) has never actually run a 40 under those conditions.

Swine, Bolt is a notoriously slow starter. Most of the FB player times are started in a more upright position, which is where Bolt seems to accelerate (2nd 40-50 yards). I’d be interested in his 2nd 40. I bet it’s below 4.0. The reason I say this is because the guy that played for Dallas that ran a 4.14, didn’t start in the blocks, he started at the more upright position, I bet Bolt would be a lot faster, and I bet the FB player would be slower starting from the blocks.

I looked an Analysis of Bolt’s 9.58 WR by 20 meter intervals. The person who did the article said being in the blocks actually makes them slower, not faster. His 40 time from start to his first 40 was 4.64. He reached 80m in 7.92 which puts his 2nd 40 at 3.28. Well below 4.0. He ran his last 20 in 1.66, his first 20 was 2.82 (he actually got faster at the end. So, starting like the FB players do, on grass he may surprise you. If you take out the start you mentioned above of .165 because of the blocks, his first 40 was 4.47. Not super fast, but as you said if he trained for the 40, he’d be much faster, my guess is somewhere between his 3.28 and 4.64

Yeah I suspect his last 40 is truly smoking fast. He pulls away from elite runners in both the 100 and 200 late in races. I also think he is too long to be the fastest in the football 40. Fun speculation though. I do think we could all agree that a laser timed 4.25 on turf in football cleats is world class acceleration.