DeVonta Smith wins Heisman

He got my vote. He is the first receiver to win it since Desmond Howard in 1991.

Smith received 447 first-place votes. Trevor Lawrence was second with 222 first-place votes. Mac Jones had 138; Kyle Trask 61; and Najee Harris 16.

Right choice hands down. He just kept performing at a high clip against some of the best competition and gaining momentum as the season went along.

Bama with 3 finalists. 1st, 3rd & 5th. Geeze.

If the Heisman vote was this week, Najee would have gotten a few more votes that were cast for Trevor Lawrence. Alabama could have gone 1-2-3. That is probably impossible because of the regional bias for Lawrence in the ACC. But Smith, Jones and Harris were really good.

Of course, a vote delayed to this week could have given a bunch of votes to Justin Fields. He had very little chance with a few off games earlier in the year and an off day against Northwestern. But Big Ten folks do strange things with their Heisman votes.

You know who else does strangle things with the ballot…Steve Spurrier.

Never forget that ballot.

I have always thought Najee was their best player.

I thought Najee was just ok until the last two games. He always ran against defenses set to stop the pass. Arkansas was a good example.

But what he did against Florida and Notre Dame was impressive. Sarkisian used him differently and he showed out.

Alabama had other good backs who could do well in that system with a great line, a quarterback making the right checks and a great passing game.

Ohio State has a good defense. The line of scrimmage is good. It should be a somewhat better matchup than Notre Dame for all these Heisman studs at Bama.

IMO Kyle Pitts was the best player in college football this year. Isaiah Simmons last year.

I’m still waiting for my first Heisman Ballot tho’

Those thoughts are not totally wrong. There is good merit on Pitts and Simmons.

Pitts is really good, but didn’t play in many games. He had a great start, but a not-so-great finish. One of the keys with the Heisman (not that it should be) is to show your best closest to the ballot time. His best was at the start of the season. I wish that wasn’t the way it was, but it is.

I am not sure I agree with you on Simmons as the first pick. I had him on my ballot last year because I try like heck to vote for at least one defender, but they are not always in the first slot. Joe Burrows was the most outstanding player in college football last year. He got my first slot. I think Simmons was in one of the next two.

I was intrigued watching the Zoom with the former winners last night. Cam Newton was not pictured. Someone told me he threw his laptop out the window.

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That’s a good one Clay.

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