Throughout his career, I’ve been hard on him. Part of it was not his fault—it was more about people comparing him to Moncrief and Michael Jordan.

But he has won me over as much or more than any Hog ever.

His determination and spirit are amazing. His postgame interview was everything.

The way he responded when others no-showed was epic.

That was one of my favorite performances of all time.

When people were griping about him after the SECT I told them I would take him every day of the week, because at least he cares about it. Today was what I was talking about.

Thank you, Devo, for everything. As always, the lesson is that I’m an idiot.


What you said! All of it!


Devo being Devo used to be a negative to me. Now it says everything you need to know about his heart and passion


Glad you started this post, because I was about to.
I always joke in the threads about “Devo doing Devo things” and “Devo is gonna Devo,” but what Devo does in March is win.
He IS Arkansas Basketball, and he is a super sweet kid.
When he cried in the post-game, so did I.


Among the greatest second half performances in the history of the NCAA tournament. So proud for him and a proud program


Great post!! He’s a true hog for sure!!

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Barkley commented about him and his interview. He said everyone needed to watch it!


Alright, guys–Devo will be Devo in Vegas, good and bad, but we love him thoroughly. Heart of true Hog!


He plays with incredible passion and the young man is made himself a very good shooter when his feet are set and he is square it up but his drives to the basket and his desire to not be stopped today was just absolutely unbelievable… Just have never been more proud of a Young Man


Devo can be good or bad but he is always doing the best he can! He willed the hogs to the W today and shows how much he cares about being a HOG. All heart!


Devo plays with a lot of energy and emotion, which can be good and bad. He has taken a lot of criticism and been an after thought with the five star recruits this season. I expect Devo will continue to be Devo. That means he will make plays that astound you, both ways, as he lacks consistency. Tonight, he astounded us a lot more with positive plays than negative. He put the team on his back and played the greatest game of his career. You are always going to get Devo with maximum energy and emotion when someitimes you just need calm. You know what you are going to get with him, and he is our guy. Tonight, he solidified a spot in all of our hearts forever. So happy for him.


Remember he hit the shot that beat ORU two years ago too.


Yes. He did.