According to a friend who was there, Devo hurt his knee in the first half but played some afterwards. . . That’s why he was on the bench.

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I was wondering where he was. Could have used his defense late.

I noticed he seemed a little subdued on the bench in the second half. Hope he’s ok

We’ve got some mysterious knee injuries going on.

Chuck mentioned midway through the second half that Devo was available, just not playing, is what the staff had told him.

Ya I figured. Sounded like some friendly spin.

Devo will be big for us at times, as he has shown, but when he’s bad he’s bad.

When AB went out with 2 fouls, Devi came in and Arkansas was minus 14 or 15 over a long stretch and looked lost on both ends.

It was not Devo’s best couple of games.

Devo has a bit too much flash for his own good tonight when handling the ball, and his shooting was not helpful. Muss went with Dunning at times instead in the second half, and except for a turnover I thought he did okay.

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Super slippery floor at the Classic. Prolly why Nick didn’t take a chance.


You sure it’s “mysterious”