Devo postgame interview

With Dykes and Ravech

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Total team player! It appears all of the players have bought in. At Rhône’s they make some decisions that result in TO’s but they battle.

I’m sure the rest of the SEC is tired of Dykes saying how impressed he is with Devo.

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Which kinda makes me smile…

gotta love that young man!

ENERGY on two legs. He is as likely to make something great happen on either end of the court. Devo keeps getting better.
I sure wish we would would finish “lay-ups” at a better rate.

That’s also Notae’s issue. The difference between the 2 Devo makes the pass! Finishing around the rim by both of them needs to improve. I think by what we watched against Florida there were some fouls where ref’s just failed to blow the whistle. Devo cuts to the rim without the ball too!

We as Hog fans always complain about other team’s guards getting to the front of the rim against us…Well Devo, and the rest of our guards as well for that matter, get to the rim ALL THE TIME against other teams. No One has kept us from getting to the front of the rim. Would I like them to convert at a better rate or pass back out for the three everyone once in awhile, yes. But man do the drive the ball exceptionally well. I am quite sure every team that has played us their fans have been complaining about our guards getting to the rim on them.

I love that kid!

I’m so glad you posted this. I didn’t see it last night but I saw it replayed on this morning and couldn’t figure how to repost it here.

This is one of the most impressive post game interviews by a player you’ll ever see. And, Devo is just a freshman.

The video was linked on the Gamecast page for the Arkansas-Florida game about an hour after it ended.

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