Devo is back

This is a statement from Devo Davis:

“I am excited to be back with my teammates and coaches. I want to thank my family, our fans, the Razorback basketball program and especially Coach Muss for the support shown to me this last week. I look forward to continuing my development as a leader and basketball player as this team focuses on our goals for this season.”


Awesome.I love the guy and his energy takes this team to another level!! welcome back Devo!!



Welcome back

Wow I’m happy Devo is back with our hogs. He was missed early in that last game.

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Very good news!


Good to see he is back. As an Arkansas native, this was important.

It was a safe bet he would return with so much NIL money in place. Thing to watch now is if he plays like Muss wants him to or lapse into old habits eventually. Also it will be interesting to see how if it affects his productivity.

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I think Devo is going to be just fine. No negative thoughts from me.

I think Devo’s return will see him going back to what’s been his best role the last two years-defense /energy off the bench, and a spot starter when needed. He will have the same role on the perimeter that Kamani is carving out for himself in the interior, but with more minutes.

Devo can really, really make a difference when we face what we saw in the first 30 minutes against Troy-smaller quick guards who are good ball handlers and shooters. He gives you another type of defender to use to keep those guys off balance, especially if he can resist the urge to overplay passing lanes too often.


Great to hear. Devo is a Hog through and through. Energy and a vocal leader.

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Yep he would have been all over that little guard from Troy who was a little too quick for AB.


Devo, thanks for your return. Keep your faith and play hard. :+1:

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I think you are right. That is what Muss wants from him.

Devo is going to have give up his dream of NBA. I believe he thought he would be the leader of this team and will have good stats on offense and declare at the end of this season.

When he was sitting out, I was certain he would come back because his options were limited, but thought it raised uncertainty about next year. I am not sure what he is going to do for his senior season.

His path to the NBA would probably have to look a like Patrick Beverly’s-his defense will have to be his ticket. I think he’s going to have to do an apprenticeship in other places to develop a consistent enough offensive game to make him roster material as a defensive specialist, while showing an ability to make life miserable for scoring guards every night.

Agree. He had other ideas. Worked hard all summer on offensive skills.

As far as Beverley, he honed his skills overseas as a PG. I don”t think Devo can do that. Pat had some natural PG skills that he just had to strengthen.

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Beverly was a 38% 3 point shooter at Arkansas. Much better offensively.


Welcome back Devo!

That good news no doubt. WPS

Yes, but because of his size, PG was the way for him to get into NBA.