Devo Davis wired for matchup with Terrence Shannon

“Whenever you give Devo a certain matchup, he’s just going to lock in the whole week and obsess over it.”

Devo Davis is expected to get the defensive assignment on Illinois star Terrence Shannon on Thursday. In many ways, Davis is built and wired for it:

He will be all over Shannon and if the referees will let us play I have a good feeling that he will control him like he does pretty much everybody when he’s really focused… Devo said they were planning on getting help so it wouldn’t really surprise me if him and AB are going to double him a lot…

I don’t recall many tourney games that the refs did not “let them play.” I suspect the NCAA makes it clear to officials that if they want to be invited next year that their game better not be more about the official’s calls and less about the athletes making plays. There are NO highlights that include a whistle and striped shirt.

If the games are going to be called like the First 4 in games were then I expect a lot of banging and no calls or at least that is what I saw on the ones I watched.