Devo Davis question

Love Devo Davis, always have. I was curious, just looked at his bio, it says he committed to Oklahoma State, then decommitted, then signed with us. Didn’t remember that, if anyone seems 100% Razorback born and bred, it would seem to be him. Don’t want to dredge up old history; and no problem with any of that, but just wondered, does anyone remember what the story was?

Mike didn’t offer him so he committed to Okie Lite. Then Muss came on board and offered him. Story was that when Devo got the offer at the Jacksonville HS cafeteria, he teared up. A lot like yesterday,


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Totally incomprehensible.
UA…Campus of Champions

It was actually an early commit to Ok state with plenty time for us to offer him later. He weighed like 130 lb as a soph and wasn’t known to be a shooter. He has developed into a much better player than I could have hoped for.

Did not know this story, thanks for sharing. WPS


I have a very real suspicion that IF MA was still at UA today even though we
wouldn’t have made the 68 field, but came ohhh so close, and HY wasn’t the AD would it be time to give MA another raise???
And if I stepped on a few toes, sorry. You’re taking things WAY too personal.

Mike was recruiting Moody, Bryce Thompson and Matthew Murrell for the guards spot. All three made their OV on the same weekend. Davis saw writing on the wall and committed to OSU. As someone said at that time Davis was just a slasher with no outside shot. Those three were Top 50 players.

You may recall that OV was overshadowed by that QB transfer from Ohio State (can’t recall the name) and those three did not get as much attention from Hog fans that weekend. I think he ended up at Missouri,

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Possibly Kelly Bryant from Clemson?

I personally had no problem with Mike Andersons’ recruiting, he only missed signing one in- state talent that i know of. I always wondered what would’ve happened had Khalil Garland ever made it on the court. That would’ve been another ultra talented squad.