Devo Davis just declared for the draft

He is maintaining his college eligibility:

Hopefully this is just a fact finding mission. We definitely need him back. He IS Arkansas Basketball under Muss.

I told you guys he would. I will be surprised if he comes back.

He will 100% come back. Book it.
He knows this is his team now, and he has zero percent to get drafted.

Hope you are right. But I don’t feel good about it.

This year was his team too.

He ain’t going anywhere.

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Devo will gather the facts and make his own decision! It’s my opinion he will be on the hill and playing as a Hog!

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I hope he comes back but if his shot is anything as it was in the latter part of the season he has an nba role. His defense is enough for a non garennteed

I hope you are right. I don’t see him being drafted. My fear is some team has whispered in his ear they will take him.

Jalen need to stay too.

Devo has earned the right to test the waters here. I don’t want to wish a bad draft grade on anybody, but this team will need his leadership & grit next year. Good luck Devo whatever happens here. You are a legendary Hog.


NIL money will be his best option!

That’s us!!

Does anyone know whether he graduates in May, or already has?

If they give him a G-League grade, he can make that much in NIL right now. Probably already does.

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I’ve thought from the Kansas game that he’s done at Arkansas. Just a speculative thought. Should he do it, probably not. But that is the feeling I have.

What would another year change? Would he have the same role and would it help him?

Jalen won’t leave for pros. If he leaves, it would be because he is not a good fit for Muss. Could be a mutual decision, if there is one.

Same money, but no school, no exams, just all basketball in pros. There is a difference. He looks more ready than Black.

But it really depends on whether he feels he is ready to be a pro. If he does, it is mentally difficult to go back to school. Unless someone puts up a huge NIL in front of him, then money changes everything.

I am not counting on him for next year.

He might think he’s ready and the pre-draft process convinces him otherwise.

Lot of smoke that he intends to leave. Things can change through this process, but seems to be the momentum right now.