Devo Davis adds to his postseason legend vs. KU

Stamped. Arkansas legend. March Madness legend. Mister March. That’s Devo Davis.

On the Arkansas kid adding to his postseason legend in the Razorbacks’ 72-71 win over No. 1 seed Kansas on Saturday:


Historic performance. Will to win. Love Devo.


I texted this to a friend right after the game:

“Davis just solidified hisself as a Razorback legend!!!”

He made Fond memories for youngsters all over the state. They will be talking about today’s performance for years to come. :fire::fire::fire::100:


You younger guys have heard us ole farts go on and on about Sidney. That was a Sidney like performance today. Devo’s first year, some were trying to make him out to be another Sidney. I thought no way. Well, if he can keep repeating that sort of play, he may be.


Go back and look at the 12 minute mark of the second half. Devo grabs a rebound , takes it all the way down the court an puts in a short left handed jumper with defenders around. For a moment, I thought Sidney was back on the court for us. It was a very Sidney like play.

What makes him like Sidney is the mad dashes for long rebounds. He passes people who should have gotten there. Just zips past them. When desire meshes with athletic ability, it is legendary.

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Devo’s style of play, toughness also reminds me more of Alvin Robertson. Brought back memories of Alvin’s 29 point performance in SWC tournament.