Devo D

Watched the Ole Miss game that I had recorded and while it was not the first time I was super impressed with Devo, it confirmed that some of the earlier assessments. Some players seem to have uncanny abilities to anticipate where passes are going and rebounds are coming to put them in positions to capitalize on the moment. When you couple this with a high level of athleticism, it can be dynamic. Devo can get out of control at times and gaining experience will probably increase his ability to slow down when required, but from what I have seen, I am very eager to see his career blossom as a Hog.

I know some did not think he would be the player that he seems to be demonstrating and maybe he would not be playing as much if KK was not injured, but from what I see, I see a whole lot to like. His motor and ability to rebound and play defense remind me of the Sutton era 6-4 athletic slashers who found ways to win and influence games, even without the classic shooting form.


Agree with your assessment… Devo will get only better as time goes by. Glad he didn’t keep his commitment to Okie State.

I thought his name was Davonte…so would it not be Davo?

He’s been awesome during the 3-game winning streak. Davis is 15 of 21 from the floor in that span, rebounding pretty well, and he’s No. 5 in SEC-only games in steal rate, per KenPom. Love how he rarely gets picked by ball screens and is seemingly always in the middle of the action. Kid has a very bright future.


He looks so fast. I think about it every time he has the ball.

He’s a huge piece of our future.

He has little bit of Moncrief/Darrel Walker in him.


Kind of what I was thinking when I made my post, but know there was only one Super Sid, so did not bring up names,

It’s Devo - by his choice.

I’ve been meaning to ask him if he has ever heard of the group Devo.

I highly doubt it seeing as he was born in the 21st century

I love his game and effort and energy. I do wish he would sling up a few more 3’s, when that comes to his game, he will be one tough and complete player to deal with.

He has a mid range game and can hurt a zone inside out. Love that.

I absolutely love the kid.

Like Clay mentioned, he does have a solid midrange game. When he’s on the floor and teams are playing zone, I think the staff likes what he brings in that foul line area. On the catch, that is a shot he knows he can knock down, he can use his quickness to get by a forward, and he can create for others there, too. He’s made 14 assistable passes the last four games, several from that spot on the floor. When he plays at a good pace, he’s terrific.

He’s gotta learn how to handle the press, but that will come. That and the three ball.

Perhaps in Switzerland.

Davo…er…Devo has a nice offensive game. He is a lefty which I like and has a really nice looking stroke. He has some great mid-range game. He is impressive. He needs to play more minutes, and I bet he will the last half of the season.

Or maybe a law abiding Alvin Robertson.

He reminds me of Patrick Beverly.

His play has been a pleasant surprise. His quickness and his toughness make him hard to guard. He is a good defender now and will get better. He does have a similar game to some of the best players at Arkansas. His defense and body remind me of a young Darrel Walker. Will he be a lottery pick in three years? I think that he can be that good but he still has to get stronger and continue to refine his offensive game.

I like all our freshmen and they certainly will win lots of games.

He can whip it, whip it good.