Devo credit

Has anyone noticed that devo is 8/18 from 3 over the last 4 games? Given his defense and now 3 pt shot I’d argue he’s been our best contributor lately and also why council is getting less minutes.

I’m betting he has been practicing his shot.


The shot looked much smoother on Saturday, much closer to what we see from good three point shooters.

I’m not a shooting guru, but my thought is that Devo has altered his three point shot a bit by not concentrating so much on elevating like his does for his mid-range stuff.

He shoots the stuff from 7-15 feet at the top of what is typically a big jump, with little shooting motion until he is almost at the top of the jump. That makes sense since he often has to get it up over taller players. He may have finally realized /been coached that he will shoot threes better with a smoother form that gets the shooting motion going a little faster and does not require a big leap, since most of his threes are not going to be seriously contested.


Good observations. Agree with you.

Now whoever has been working with devo needs to work with AB. He got a lot of shots blocked in the paint and needs to contribute from the outside as well as his dribble.

Excellent insights. It makes sense, now that you’ve pointed it out. Funny how that works.

Muss made the comment that Devo has been working a lot each morning on his own on the shot. Perhaps the rest of them should work on Free throws for hours.

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Also, he’s taking three’s when open… not moving in three directions at once before the shot. Good on Devo and this team.

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He’s a pretty good shooter when he has his feet set and his body is squared up. He has been doing a much better job of doing that lately

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That is very true hogs and there should be plenty of opportunities given the amount of zone we are seeing coupled with AB’s ability to penetrate.

So true colorado. We aren’t going to the tourney much less deep into the rounds if FT’s don’t improve. You can’t have getting FTA’s as a strategy if you miss a lot of them.

Hogsrus has it completely correct. He has taken GOOD catch and shoot 3 point shots versus dribbling into a shot. Those are two totally different skill sets and he is not proficient at the second (Few people are). It was my belief last year and through the beginning of this year year that if he would only take catch and shoot jumpers we would have a very different mind set about his deep shooting.

Pinion has not put the ball on the floor yet for a three point shot.

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His form looks better like you say and he’s also getting some shots in the flow of the offense/off the pass rather than strictly off the dribble. He’s great mid range off the dribble but not so much from 3. Would love to see Council shoot his 3 attempts off the pass too and less of the dribble dribble long 3

Council was just off on Saturday. He turned the ball over early, then couldn’t make his shots. May have had a date that went very well or not well on Friday night. Or, he’s just not a morning person. I expect him to return to his better self Tuesday night.

Very few jump shooters are good who jump high on the shot. Devo jumps very high on his 3 point shot…

Stephon Marbury was about the only good jump shooter who really got up on his shot.

True, though Ron Brewer and Marvin Delph come to mind as getting up there on their jumpers.

He also has started shooting with more arch, at times he has shot the three to flat. Your observations are very good and hope he continues to shoot well and lets the game come to him and not force shots. WPS

Many years ago, I had a floor level seat to watch Hogs vs Kansas in old Barton Coliseum when the Triplets played. Had not seen them play before then except on TV. I remember three things vividly.

  1. Marvin Delph jumped higher on his jumps shots than anybody I have ever personally seen.
  2. Ron Brewer owned Kansas’ preseason All-American guard all night, no contest.
  3. Sidney M. was the quickest player jumping for rebounds I ever saw.

Marvin Delph was one of the greatest pure three point shooters I’ve ever seen wear a Hog uniform. Unfortunately he played before there was a three point shot, so all he had were a lot of beautiful long twos (and an impressive ability to get up and dunk the basketball).

As I recall he also played before the shot clock, which led to a lot of ridiculously low scoring games and teams (including the Hogs) holding the ball for long stretches late in the game. It’s hard to imagine what Delph’s scoring average would have been if he’d played under the current rules.

The Triplets were a lot of fun to watch. I also remember that one of the big keys the year they went to the Final Four was that the 6-10 center, Steve Schall, finally quit trying to dribble when he got the ball inside, and just went up and shot it. He gave us a real inside offensive presence the last ten games or so.

Marvin had a beautiful jump shot, and I only saw it blocked once vs. Memphis State in a loss at Barton Coliseum. He also jumped center at 6’ 4" and usually won the tap.

Brewer had great elevation, and many of his were turnaround jumpers after he backed defenders down, including the game winner vs. Notre Dame in the consolation game in '78.

You are right. Both Marvin and Ron got up high on their jumpers. Marvin would have been a pro prospect in today’s NBA. He had incredible range on his shot.