Devo & Bones


Great for Devo, Bobby, and the kids they’ll be helping.

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What a great fan Bobby is. We are very lucky to have his support.


Yeah, and probably safe to assume Devo will be wearing a Razorback uniform next season.

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Devo is a NIL poster boy for sure.

I like that they both have a big smile. Win, Win, Win.

Bobby Bones has also signed Bumper Pool to an NIL deal per Bumper’s Twitter.

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Rocket Sanders also announced a deal on Instagram.

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It appears to me that Bobby Bones is a Razorback hero.

Can Bobby send some of that love to JWill?

From what Beefhog has been saying, JWill is about to get unprecedented levels of love from numerous sources.

Yep. Something abour saving money and living better.

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