Devo and NBA

I see that he is now on NBA draft radar, although not in any mock drafts. NBA likes his athleticism, motor, work ethic, defense, and finishing at the rim.

I am somewhat surprised at what has happened. When he rejoined the team after a brief leave, I was thinking there would be an understanding between him and Muss that he would let the game come to him, not shoot threes, etc. and we would see a more subdued Devo. Exactly the opposite happened. Instead of a subdued Devo, we are watching a more aggressive Devo that has become the engine for the team on both the offense and defense. For this a large credit goes to Muss for not putting restraints on Devo and letting his talent to flourish. That is NBA coaching folks, not college coaching.



Just needs to lessen the turnovers. I have liked that he has really cut down on the dribble threes and taken catch and shoot shots. His makes have went up because of that.

Devo’s place in professional basketball, whether the NBA or overseas, lies in being an ace defensive guard, probably off the bench. Darrel Walker was like that.

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IMO, most all Razorback fans (including me) think this is true. I’m not sure why we do this season. Maybe it’s because of the somewhat unorthodox way he plays.

This season, no Razorback has done a good job of protecting the basketball with all our TOs. However, Devo leads the team in assist to turnover ratio. He’s first with a 1.4 ratio in all games and tied for first with AB in SEC games at 1.3. Those stats are not great as they are not even close to 2.0. However, every other member of the team have a negative ratio below 1.0.

In SEC play, Ricky and Mahkel are tied for 3rd with a bad .7 ratio. Mahki, Walsh, and Kimani are tied for 5th with an awful .5 ratio. And Graham is last with an almost unimaginable .1 ratio. In his case that is 1assist and 10 TOs in SEC play. That certainly explains why, despite his offensive prowess, that Muss is so reluctant to play him.

This team as a whole, including Devo and AB, has got to cut down on TOs if we want to have a chance to go on a late run again this season. But, Devo is NOT the main culprit when it comes to TOs as compared to assists.

Last season, in SEC play, our team had a .2 better ratio than our opponent. Two season ago, we had a .3 better ratio than our opponents. This season, so far, we have a .1 worse ratio than our opponents.

Cut back on TOs and improve our shooting percentages a bit (to help assist numbers) and we can go on a nice run the rest of the season. Sounds simple, but not an easy thing to do.


Real good critique, Harley, and we need to try to shoot more free throws better. Last years team shot .760 for the year, we are under 70% this year which I believe is the worst % of any of Muss’ teams her at Ark.

Very true! And, Devo leads the team in SEC play this year with a .769, just barely above Ricky’s .765. Ford and Pinion are both perfect at 1.000, but they’ve only attempted 2 and 3 FTs respectively. I only used the 7 players who have attempted double digit FTs.

Our team FT% in SEC play is only .667. That FT% for the full season would be #308 in the country. Our .697 for the full year sure isn’t great at #240 in the country. I don’t know why we are shooting even worse in SEC play.

Maybe it’s fatigue, but JD Notae et. al., were playing as many minutes and they were shooting .760.

Devo leads the team in one category… spectacular turnovers.

Oh I don’t know. AB is giving him a run for that title.

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