Devo and Kamani

Did anyone think early last November as the regular season was about to begin, given all the new talent we had coming in, that at this point we would be celebrating wins in our first two tourney games and giving significant credit to Devo and Kamani! WPS!


Never saw it coming. I did think that Devo might play better in the tournament because he has been there before playing well, but not 25 points well. :eyes::coffee::sunglasses:

They both are the epitome of Heart driven players…
Neither one of them have all the greatest physical tools but they get absolutely everything and then a whole lot more out of themselves because they absolutely refuse to be denied

Devo will be a great coach one day if he decides to go into that.
Kimani will always be one of my favorite Razorbacks because he is the absolute greatest teammate I think I’ve ever seen.

He sits over there it doesn’t get to play a lot of games but he’s always cheering and coaching his teammates on… just love these two guys


How about earlier in the season when it appeared Devo left the team? Goodness, he was all team yesterday.

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Devo & Khamani are 40 mins of hell types. Never let up.

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I will admit, I did not

I thought Devo would play a key role because he and Kamani were only the returnees who knew the system and had P6 experience… You may recall I had posted Davis was going to be a starter while everyone had him coming off the bench. I thought Davis was going to be the glue.

As far as Kamani, I thought he would start at the beginning of season, but fade away later. With Kamani, it is about matchups. Neither Illinois nor Kansas have true bigs and he becomes our best post defense in that situation. If we play UConn, we may see him on the bench again. If we get St, Mary’s, he will be a key player again.

I did, and it’s been a roller coaster ride, but back in Maui you could see the fight these Hogs have. And their ability to scratch back from deficits proved to me they would be a tough out for anybody–and they have (except Texas, which was their eye-opener).