Devo and gwatney, a NIL that makes sense

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I like it! Makes a lot of sense since Devo grew up in Jacksonville. Both sides will profit from that.

A side not to this: Last summer (2020), for several months, I was ordering groceries from Wal-Mart and picking them up. There was a really nice kid that ended up always bringing my groceries out. I always chose the same time and day each week.

He was in the same class as Devo at Jacksonville and a good friend of Devo’s. He said he loved Razorback basketball. We always talked Devo and basketball each week. I thought Devo was a year away from being a major contributor. He always argued with me that Devo would be a major player for the Hogs before the season was done.

Well he was right and I was wrong!


I like it . Should work for them

Happy for Devo!

On a related note, Gwatney Chevrolet has been a long time sponsor of American Legion baseball in Jacksonville. Gwantney Chevrolet, Pine Bluff, and Texarkana were 3 of the power programs back in the mid 80’s (my last summer of American Legion baseball was 1986… Pine Bluff beat us in the state championship game at Ray Winder Field that summer).

Gwatney Chevrolet had a phenom back then… seems like his name was Hugh something or another, and everyone called him Baby Huey. He was a stud. Too bad NIL didn’t exist back then, because he would have been the perfect spokesman for the local dealership.

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