Devion Warren

My son just texted me that he is coming back. Any confirmation?

Confirmed on his Twitter account. Glad to have him back!

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That’s what I love about this board.

There’s always someone who has some kind of a connection to insider information:

“I have a third cousin who works at a bank where Darren McFadden’s barber has an account. He says that McFadden is going to suit up for the Razorbacks next year because COVID eligibility extends itself to all college athletes–past or present.”


Great news. Both a kick returner and deep threat WR. Now, please let our new starting QB, whoever that may be, throw the deep ball as well as Franks did this past season.

Burks, Warren, and Woods next season may be a top 3 WR crew in the SEC.

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How is the rehab going with his knee? Will he be able to go thru non contact drills this Spring?

Exactly my question as well.

Knees can be tough to come back from

Coach Pittman just said that DW is walking around now and is expected to be back for spring in a limited role with no contact.


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