De'Vion Warren

Where can we find the highlight reel of De’Vion Warren? It would have been nice to include that so we could see for ourselves and I have looked all over for it. … 15d4f4e04c

Thank you Richard. I appreciate your reports!

Okay. Wow! I see what all of the excitement is about. He is unique! Maybe an occasional Wildcat package for De’Vion?

He’s extremely athletic. Great quickness with the feet. He’s what you are looking at. The speed in this class is great. I think it’s what you needed to get to help special teams.

The first time I saw his video I was like why doesn’t this guy have more offers. I think ESPN’s 4-star ranking will look good when it’s all said and done.

To me, he’s the perfect slot.

Wow indeed. Such quickness and speed to boot.
A player that creates excitement. Everytime he
touches the ball you think, Touchdown.

He needs to be in front of the line for a shot at returning both punts and kick-offs.

Warren is one of those who could help in special teams. Speed to the rescue. That’s what I always say.