De'Vion Warren and other young players...

Give me hope for the future. Warren has proven to be a big threat on kickoffs. Speed and guts. Chase Hayden is another difference maker for us in the future. TJ Hammonds (IMO) should remain at RB…he is a player. Curl has made a few blunders but he has been dropped into a tough situation and responded for the most part. All have speed and will give us some thrills in the years to come.

Yeah, I just wish there was the same hope on the OL and DL.

I really like Kam Curl, and think he’s getting great coverage experience. However, I think he needs to be moved to Safety, his speed isn’t quite what an SEC corner needs, but I think his size and speed would be fantastic at Safety, which is what I believe he played in a highschool.

Curl’s speed is fine, at times he’s been able to stay right with the WRs. It’s the learning curve at the college level that has gotten him in trouble a few times. He will buy fewer of those fakes as he gets more experience. Pulley got burned several times the first year he was out there.

We do need two more safeties going forward, but I think Curl should stay at CB. I think we they get Pulley back that will give them four guys to play the two CB spots and the nickel who will be there most of the time. Calloway, Curl and Pulley should all be good next year, with Tutt and perhaps one of the redshirts being the spares.

At safety, however, its Ramirez, hope with M. Brown, and prayer that Michah Smith might develop. So we need to find a couple of safeties from some place.

Great post, A bunch of young guys starting to come around. WPS

Yup. I like their skill guys. They could really shine on both sides of the ball down the road if the lines get fixed.

That’s the key. Fix the lines and that takes time, especially on offense. Got to get more speed on defense. Just too slow. too many backs and receivers just flat run away from our guys.

There some defensive speed that took redshirts. That’s on the back end.
You are right about fixing the DLine and Oline. I’d say the line play is the most important thing to fix and improve.
The back end of the defense is better than the front end.
The play makers need to be on the field.
Warren should return all kick offs and punts. Period.

The DL need is for those OLB types that can rush the passer/disrupt offenses, plus we need another NG. The down DEs could be better, but those guys have to eat up blockers first and let the beasts at OLB cause havoc. Right now the OLBs are not good enough against the better defense to cause the havoc that lets the down DLs get pressure. They are trying to recruit that type of player, and perhaps have one or two on the roster right now for the future. Right now we are playing Ramsey, who has not been very consistent, and several others who either lack the speed or size to be consistently effective against good SEC offenses.

Even if a coaching change is made, it’s pretty likely that we are going to stay with something that is base 3-4. We don’t have enough good 4-3 DL(which amounts to a 4-2-5 against spread teams) to play that look as a base, we can barely do it as a change of pace.

NG, safeties, and OT. Fix those spots and this team looks dramatically better to even the most jaded critic.

Capps might be an answer at NG but the true 3-4 NG is at another level than Capps seems capable of achieving. Safeties might be on campus, but we sure need not only new bodies to replace the graduates, we need them to be an upgrade in performance. OT is the $64M question but I am betting that has to be recruited. Here’s hoping there are two good answers redshirting or signing soon.

Team speed is markedly better the last two recruiting classes. That trend needs to continue.

Warren is a game changer in my opinion. I expect him to break it at any time. That’s something I haven’t seen in a few years.

It takes the effort of a staff to practice and put some work into special teams. Remember when DMac returned kicks.
He played and scored in many ways

The hogs have play makers they just fail to use them effectively.

Cole in time will make some big plays. Along the way he will make some mistakes
But he puts his heart and soul into the game with effort. That’s all we can expect.

Hopefully, Emmit Gooden can come in and provide the kind of NG play needed to make the 3-4 go. And maybe Capps grows into that position a little more next year so that between the two of them that position is better.

I believe CBB is recruiting a couple of JUCO OTs, but for the line to be significantly better, he has to land two of them and hope they are SEC ready early. That is hoping for a 3-for-3 batting average with junior college transfers, which is high hopes. Maybe we’ll have others step up, either the redshirts or someone currently on roster. But I agree. Fix the line play and you’ve changed the look of the team for the better.

LB depth is another issue driving fatigue. We better hope that Gooden shows up and is effective, but we need more than Capps to back him up next year. We need a HS NG to come on and play 3rd string behind Capps. If one of the JUCO OT’s works out that is better than nothing. Ramirez and Malone were not typical JUCOs we would sign at Oline but we needed the depth. I understand these 2 Olineman are much better than Ramirez and Malone.

I don’t know if you realize it or not, but all of these posts from you lamenting poor depth are an indictment of this staff.

Why in the world should LB depth be an issue in year 5? Where are Dee Walker and Giovanni Lafrance? Why don’t they ever play? Appears LB recruiting has been poor, the coaches can’t develop talent, or a combination thereof.

You’re panicking now that it appears CBB could stay and that doesn’t fit your agenda. I indeed speak about the depth issues and they are indeed a negative against the staff. Injuries have been a big problem at LB and that has been well documented so lighten up Francis.