Devin White, what might have been

Ever since we recruited him, I have followed Devin White’s career, first at LSU, then at Tampa Bay. Watching him return a fumble and interception, I can see why he was telling college coaches he wanted to be a running back, despite almost everyone seeing him as a linebacker. As I recall, Bielema offered him as a running back, about the only school to do so. It would have been a lottery pick to get him away from LSU, but there was that hope and he did say good things about Arkansas before he selected LSU. What a beast. Size, speed, skill. I would love to see him actually get some snaps at running back to see what he could do. But, All American, Butkus Award winner, and Top 5 pick in the Draft says linebacker was the correct spot for him.

Yes he is a stud but when it comes to these elite recruits, even offering them at their preferred position is still hard for AR to lure them away from elite programs. Hopefully some of that changes under CSP and his staff. Winning will help also.

Bike, I was going to post about White until I saw your post. He is a great athlete. So is Leonard Fournette who is the starting back for Tampa Bay. The NFL is littered with former LSU players. How we ever beat them is a mystery. I guess it is not ALL about the talent, but most of it is.

Only player that I have ever interviewed while he was standing on a hoverboard.

While he said some encouraging things about Arkansas during his recruitment, I never got the feel the Razorbacks nor any other school besides LSU was a contender.

I think I remember you mentioning the hoverboard interview then Dudley.
Were you on a hoverboard also? Now that might make for some interesting sports fodder.


Sports writers don’t make or acquire enough money to have a hoverboard.

I looked his up after the interview. It was about $2000

Read into that what you will. :sunglasses:


I often miss the intended message, but what I got was that LSU pays better than Clay, but then again LSU pays better than almost everyone.

Good one Dudley. It appears LSWho may be headed for trouble over those money exchanges.

Kinda like TN is facing now. Kinda funny…

He admitted Arkansas gave him something to think about but he was always going to LSU.

Dudley doesn’t need a hover board.

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You are right, probably would have been replacing a hip along with that knee and we don’t need him down any more than he is.

We gave our grandson a hoverboard for his birthday. Those things are like buying a banana peel on wheels. He is 10 and cruises around the house all day on it.

I fell on my butt just looking at it.

I won’t be hovering on anything.

I have been able to put the walker away, using the cane a litle to help with getting up, but walking pretty good now - although slowly.


Like the rest of us Dudley. About the only thing I hover over (standing flat footed on the floor), is the recliner prior to sitting. Only to make sure everything in place (remote, drink, snacks, pillow, phone, etc.).

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