Devin Bush?

Any updates on when he will sign?

Unless something changes, I expect him to sign in Feb.

Richard, is he able to enroll early still? I’ve seen it rumored that he can’t enroll early now and that adds to him waiting. If he is still able to and chooses, if day there’s no question he’s not going to be signing with arkansas in feb.

I have never heard of a case where the parents want him to enroll early and the kid doesn’t, which is apparently the case with Bush.

Of course, if he didn’t get enough done to do it, it doesn’t matter.

KJ Jefferson told me he it would have taken him 200 hours of time to get his online classes done and he just didn’t have enough time to get that done.

Lets see what the next two days may bring. Never say never.

I’m not especially fluent in between-the-lines-ish but it appears Mr. Harris is suggesting that Mr. Bush may be secured soon.

according to twitter,LSU sources saying they don’t have room…wow! this secondary is LIT! :smiley: :smiley: (kills me the words these kids use!)

That would definitely be great news for a secondary class that doesn’t appear to be falling apart. Get Catalon and this is a huge year for the DB’s!!!

I saw his tweet but didn’t see where he thought it was Bush.

Also, Sosa tweeted, “I’m finally done with college classes, only up from here.” I was hoping he’d come back.

Sosa done with classes! I hope he comes back but you couldn’t blame him if he knows he can make it in the NFL.

I sure hope Bush signs in the next 2 days. I’d feel a lot better about him if he did.

Didn’t mention Bush by name but is supposedly meant for him La.boys sticking together hopefully…

IMO it will be a huge mistake if Sosa Agim believes he is NFL ready with what he has done thus far in his college career, but that’s his decision and he will have to live with it for better or worse.

Go Hogs!

I didn’t realize you were an nfl scout that’s evaluated him in person and broken down film but if you are, welcome to the board. We need real nfl scouts on here to straighten us out. Also what scouts has Sosa talked to?

Definitely would be a mistake for Sosa to leave early. He has not lived up to his hype so far and would not be a high draft pick. Would likely be after the 5th, possibly undrafted.

I thought CCM said today their weren’t any underclassman leaving for the draft. He sounded pretty confident.
Of course he may have meant at that moment.


“In my opinion” is what I stated about Sosa Agim entering the NFL draft being a mistake. If you differ from that opinion that’s fine and you can certainly have a different opinion on the subject.
I wish him well if he decides to leave early if he has gotten positive feedback from the NFL about his draft status or if he doesn’t think another year playing in college would improve his resume.

Go Hogs!

I’m not jumping to conclusions

I think Sosa may just be done with his undergraduate classes for his degree.

We’ll see.

Any updates as to whether the coaches are going to be able to convince Bush to sign early?

Things are looking up. I guess I didn’t give a strong enough of a hint last night.