Devin Bush

Plans to talk to Pittman in hopes of rejoining the team.


That should take about 5 minutes. You’re back, son. Grab a helmet.

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This needed to happen! Dude is a baller and at a position of need with a good skill set for that position. I remember watching Devin in high school and he’s really good! Would be his 1st 4* recruit!

being positive at Edna Karr portends well because the place is a lower LA football powerhouse

While it may be a good thing for the young man to rejoin the team I feel as if Coach Pittman can recruit and judge the young man himself. We sure need Bush if he wants to play!

That might get CB Jamie “Greedy” Vance back on the commit list as well.

We’ll see.


Thrilled to have Bush back on the team and out of the transfer portal!!!

Let’s be clear. Devin still has to be won back over, but taking his name out of the portal indicates he is willing to listen.

He was not happy with lack of playing time/opportunity under the last staff.

It would help for Vance to come back on board too! Coach Pitman can handle the recruiting part of it he just needs the time! He just don’t have time to waste. He will be busy for the next week! The early signing period puts him on a bit of a pickle.

Which one is it? Does he hope to be on the team or does he have to be won over?

I can’t find it now on his Twitter line but i thought I saw where replied to a comment that he was back on the team.

He’ll have to be won over.

He is giving the new staff a chance, but it is not a done deal.

He replied that he is staying to the first comment on this post.

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Great news.