Devin Bush enrolling early

He’s had a change of heart and will be in Fayetteville on Friday. … oll-early/

That’s pretty awesome news


Great news Devin.
Get here & get a jump on things.

RD, do you know why he didn’t enroll when the other early enrollees did?

Maybe having two cornerbacks on campus early will help in getting a replacement(s) ready to fill Pulley’s vacancy. Sure would be nice to shore up the secondary going into next year.

From what I know:

First of all, he wasn’t sure he wanted to sign early.

Then he thought he might like to stick around and run track.

But his buddies got up here and started to have fun and he suddenly changed his mind.

Twitter probably got him up there early. He had tweeted that he wished he followed his thoughts and gone ahead early and wished he could be in Fayetteville early. People told him he had until Friday to enroll. Voila!

Wouldn’t surprise me, and good for him and us that he did. A lot better chance of contributing this fall by going through both conditioning and spring practice.

This is great news for the team and the future of the program and for Bush getting an early jump!!!

Bush is a beast in the secondary! Watch his film from last year before teams quit testing him. He’s what LSU and Bama put out there on the field as DBs.

Very wise decision on his part,quicker you get up here the quicker you learn and get on that field.