Devin Bush becomes signee No. 21 … inks-hogs/

Exhale now!


W P S. Welcome to the HOGS!!!


What a great class.
and now
All three groups will be amongst national leaders.
Otey and Catalon would make this class a screaming success in the secondary.

Awesome!! Now if we add catalon and keep Otey we may start a trend of DBU!

Just wow

Christmas came early for hog fans. Thanks to the coaches and thank you Scotta! It only keeps getting better.
Welcome aboard Mr Bush.

Keep on keeping on

I felt sure Coach Morris and staff would be good recruiters but I never expected this. Now if he can get the kids to do it his way we’ll all be pleased. Hope he is not burned out because we need a class like this every year. GHG…

WPS! Glad he went ahead and signed!

Scoota tweeted out, AR has signed every player he has ever hosted.

Maybe we should put Scoota on staff after his eligibility runs out. Or his NFL career ends.

Scoota also hosted lakia Henry and Tennessee got a compliment for another four * linebacker today so I would think that would have to really help us with lakia.

A few days ago, when Scoota posted the “missing one” post. Greg Brooks replied with Lakia Henry. Scoota also had a discussion with Emmitt Gooden (kid that picked TN over us a few years ago) and indicated Lakia IS a Hog.

But as has been said before until they sign…

Be careful gents, Scoota needs “me” time also to relax,
Next thing ya know he will be hosting BB recruits.

What I would really, really like for Christmas is one of those t-shirts that Devin’s parents were sporting. TNA 19


I’m old. What does TNA 19 mean? Thanks.

I think it means The New Arkansas 2019. All the commits have “TNA” on their Twitter handles (names).

I hope they are right.