Devin Booker on a roll

In this post season, Devin is averaging

36 points, 6 assists, 8 rebounds, 61% FG, 57% 3FG

These are Jordanesque and Kobish numbers for a SG in playoffs with a better FG%. In the last two games, with CP3 injured, Devin has also run the point and made 34 out of 43 FGs at an amazing 79% clip.

There have been some great performances from Butler, Harden, Steph, Jokic, Fox, Ja, etc. in the playoffs, but what Devin is doing beyond that and on a consistent basis each game. I am sure I have jinxed him after this post.

Devin is an example of how NBA scouts know talent regardless how a player performs in college in a single year. Booker never started at Kentucky on that star studded team, averaged just 10 points, but was the 13th pick in the draft. This is why Nick will be drafted as a lottery pick or close to it, regardless of what happened last season.

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I’m to the point with Book where I’m entering a game expecting 30-35 points on efficiency. He’s been otherworldly to this point in the playoffs. I love that he’s bounced back this aggressively after how last season ended. Can’t wait for Game 5 in Denver.

It is obvious that with CP3 out, Suns are playing faster, initiating the offense faster and also getting the bench involved. What is your take on what happens once CP3 is back, assuming of course that Suns are still alive.

I think he’ll jump back in the starting lineup and the staff will monitor his minutes so he can be ready to factor into the crunch-time minutes that come. Hopefully when the ball is in his hands he’s looking to make advance passes and push pace rather than get it across mid-court with 16-17 seconds left on the shot clock. I see him moving off the ball to alleviate some playmaking responsibilities and preserve energy. Book has been awesome on the ball. Honestly, the last couple of games have given me confidence the Suns can win with him limited or without him.

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The Suns are a two man team…Booker and Durant and a tired and injured Chris Paul. The Lakers look like the best team in the West if James can hold up in these exhausting playoffs. Denver looks pretty good, but they are a one man team, but that one man is awesome. Each of these teams in the Playoffs is flawed, but somebody is gonna win it all.

I don’t like the Lakers, but if Anthony Davis stays healthy, they look like the team to beat.

Just an absolutely incredible shooter with perfect technique… he is almost automatic in the mid-range. I love how hard he plays. He’s a lot better now than he’s ever been that’s a testament to the hard work he’s put in.

You are overlooking Jamal Murray. And both Michael Porter and Aaron Gordon can go off.

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Jokic should have won MVP. Much better than Embid.

Giving that to Jokic three years in a row may have been too much to digest. Embid did have a great season though and was unstoppable when he did play injury free.