Detroit Lions, Ragnow and Flowers

I had forgot that Trey Flowers was traded to the Lions last year. I guess I need to become a bit of a fan of the Lions now. We hardly ever get their games in Arkansas though.

Ragnow and Flowers are 2 of the top players on the Lions. I saw a link to this Fansided report on the highest ranked NFL players by team on Madden 21 and 22. Flowers was tied for #1 on Madden 2021 (Ragnow was #4) and in Madden 22, Dan is #1 and Trey is #4.

The Razorbacks are well represented on the Lions. Hope to catch a game or 2 this year.

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Speaking of former Hogs, I saw the other night that Darious Philon is back in the NFL playing for the Raiders. He had some really bad off-field trouble a couple of years ago that got him cut from the Cardinals.

Greenlaw had an interception return for a TD on Sunday.

Jerry Jacobs made the Lions roster too.

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