Detroit area DB's question for Richard or Dudley, thanks

i know the hog’s were going strong after 3 highly rated DB’s from the Detroit area, with secondary being an area of need what are the odds we get any or all of them to Fayetteville? also if you could talk a little about each one, maybe highlight their strengths.

Safety Jaylen Kelly-Powell and junior cornerback Kalon Gervin of Detroit Cass Technical along with cornerback Ambry Thomas of Detroit Martin Luther King.

Both Kelly-Powell and Thomas have said in the past they plan to officially visit Arkansas. Kalon said not too long ago Kelly-Powell was still planning to visit. I haven’t been able to get a hold of Thomas lately. I would be surprised if the two seniors leave the state, but to be honest I just don’t have a strong feel. They have been to a lot of schools. I’ll try and check some sources.

Gervin is planning to visit at some point, maybe with Kelly-Powell.

Kelly-Powell and Thomas were at The Opening. Kelly-Powell has good size, good speed and really physical. Thomas is speed, speed and speed.

I get that same feel as well that the kids will likely stay close to home.

thank you sirs, was hopeful but realistic they might come. we could sure use another Batman Carroll or Chris Houston. i think Toliver is due for big year, he had good freshman campaign but last year seemed to not progress. i know we tried to use him to cover slot, but with his length might be more suited outside the hashes. WPS