Details on the Jordon Curtis incident … r-hit-car/

Man if things couldn’t get any worse. 2000$ damage to the vehicle & winshield means a hard direct hit & no mention of any broken bones.

May God Bless You Jordan.

Hope the young man recovers fully… scary deal

That crosswalk where he was hit is dangerous. There are minimal street lights in that area and there are no lights that indicate there is a crosswalk in use, as there are at other spots throughout town. Throw in the fact that cars fly through there, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Jordon Curtis isn’t the first person I have heard being struck in that area. Bart Pohlman, who is the producer for Bo Mattingly’s radio show, was hit there a few years ago.

Yeah, can’t believe all of the crosswalks on campus don’t light up for pedestrians.