Details on Arkansas' foreign tour in August

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Well… in the budget to go @ScottieBordelon?

I remember Dudley traveling to Europe during Barford and Macon’s years

I really hope that there will be video. I’d love to be able to watch the games.

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I wish someone would pay my way to Lake Como, Italy on a business trip. That’s a pretty sweet way to end a European vacation.

The pre-trip practices and the games are really a great thing for this team on several levels. It will be really interesting to see what filters out of fall pre-season practices regarding both the staff’s approach post-trip as well as the progress being made by individuals.

That is fantastic. Perfect timing for this trip with all the new players. Great opportunity to bond on and off the court.

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Outside of the coaching staff and their wives and the players, I wonder who else will be part of the entourage at the UA expense? That is one heck of a sweet deal. Makes the Maui trip resemble a trip to Lubbock.
UA…Campus of Champions

We love Italy. Too many great cities to list, but Florance and Rome are not to be missed. So much history and art and architecture to take in amidst incredible natural beauty.

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