Details of Brian Kelly's contract - Nicky is not going to like

I’m going on record that he will be average. No where near Saban like. I don’t think he understands what he is involved with in the SEC. Winning on the road in the SEC will be like nothing he has seen. And they aren’t paying him that money to lose 2 to 3 road games a year.

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Listen to the Press Conference. He wanted to compete in the SEC. He knows what he is doing and he isn’t afraid of the challenge. Look at his overall record. He has played other SEC teams besides Alabama. He gets it. The guy from Norman wanted no part of the SEC, Kelly did. I can’t wait to see what he does in 2-3 years once he gets his culture started. It is intriguing to me and I am interested to watch it play out. Home run hire in my opinion. He is there to win. I do agree that his first year through the SEC will be interesting. If you think Notre Dame doesn’t bring out the worst in opposing fans and the best in opposing players, then you haven’t been paying attention for the last 100 plus years. He will not be shocked by road game environments in the SEC. He will have to learn certain traditions and not piss people off by saying the wrong thing about the traditions in the SEC. It is gonna be fun to watch.

What happens if he doesn’t pass the background check?

I am an extremely distant relative of Huey Long. After hearing numerous stories from central and south Louisiana relatives who were around in the ancient past when he was governor, I feel pretty confident in saying that the written histories about Long’s career may understate the level of his power and corruption.

You can still see the marks inside the state capital allegedly made by bullets fired during his assassination.

He will be sent to the Will Wade School of Ethical Behavior, rehabilitated, and hired anyway.

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Nick did not win until he got his talent in place at LSU. It was year four , I believe, when he won his Naty in Red Stick. Kelly may not do it but we will know within three years. After all , Les Miles won one there— assist to Saban.

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Yeah it’s going to take him time but then crazy Cajuns are going to be pissed off if he don’t start winning almost immediately with the coin they’re paying him

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LSU and Aggies venom measure has climbed to a new high. There will be some wounded players after they battle. I love it. I hope they play a bunch of overtime games.

Two truisms: It is always about the money and winning fixes and solves everything (See Al Davis-“Just win baby”)

Question is who does OU get for a coach ?

OU regents are meeting today and tomorrow to discuss, but not necessarily take action on, the coaching search. They’re also changing Bob Stoops’ title to interim coach, and approving a $325,000 payment to him for coaching the bowl game (not bad for a month’s work), in addition to the salary he already has as a special assistant to the AD.

I get the strong feeling that it’s Brent Venables’ job to turn down, but we shall see.

I could be wrong, but I believe Saban has a clause in his contract that guarantees he is the highest paid coach in the SEC… In his mind, bring down Kelly, get him another large raise, and Saban will welcome him to the SEC West street fight.

Saban’s contract must be renegotiated if he falls out of top 3 in SEC or top 5 nationally

Venables is recruiting for Clemson. Got a commit today. Will be interesting to see who OU gets

What is considered poor or mediocre performance? Will he be fired after five years if he never exceeds 10-2? I wouldn’t be surprised. For fans to expect a national championship is delusional. Enjoy it if it happens. The run of Saban and Alabama is a historical aberration. The man is amazingly consistent in his method. LSU is no different than many other schools that churn through coaches due to unreasonable and unmet expectations. Good luck!

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Kelly will have a tough time running over people like he has in the past at LSU. He invited GA’s to his house for a dinner party and they got there and parked cars all night! What a way to treat people. He may be able to coach but his own assistant at Notre Dame refused to take a position on his staff at LSU! Put that into context. A man that may not have a job when the new coach is hired didn’t want to follow Kelly to LSU!
He may win but he won’t have a cake walk like at Notre Dame.

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that is some funny stuff!

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